Halo Vape and Safety Sensor

Meet our all-in-one health, safety and vape device

Protect your students, staff, and faculty with our state of the art

Vaping has become a popular alternative for many individuals, including teenagers, instead of using cigarettes.  Students in recent years
began to take their vaping habits into private areas that are not actively monitored due to privacy laws forbidding video cameras and any type of audio recordings. Unfortunately, the vaping epidemic is hitting high schools (and even primary schools) with full force. School administrators are recognizing that vaping had become a large concern.

Luckily, the HALO Smart Sensor detects vape and marijuana smoke, high carbon dioxide levels, bullying and fights, hazardous gas and chemical spills, gun fire and so much more!

By combining traditional video surveillance solutions with the state of the art Halo sensor, it is possible to detect vaping while capturing the surrounding areas, essentially providing evidence of the offenders. Moreover, tampering with the sensor can alert staff members to the sensor location by email or SMS.

Halo Smart Sensor Features

The Halo smart sensor is packed with features across vaping, safety and health:

  • Student vape detection in classrooms, locker rooms, bathrooms.
  • Staff and guest smoking and vaping detection.
  • Abnormal sound detection like yelling and gunshots.
  • Abnormal sound detection for aggressive behavior and bullying in locker rooms, classrooms, stairwells.
  • Gas and smoke detection.
  • Chemical levels and spills in custodial closets, cafeterias, science labs, art rooms.
  • Temperature, humidity, moisture to prevent mold and illness.
  • Air Quality Index (AQI) alerting aligned to industry/government standards.

and much more…

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